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The plugs, multisockets and adapters available in the Brico&Decor electricity section are safe and easy to use solutions.

Given the CEI regulations in force on the safety of electrical installations, our experts have selected only models that comply with these rules and come from leading brands of plugs, adapters and sockets.
The different solutions you can find in our online catalogue include electrical plugs and sockets, adapters ranging from universal models to location-specific models, and multi-sockets or powerstrips that connect two or more sockets.

Choose now among the Brico e Decor proposals for plugs, multisockets and adapters of the major brands and order the product that's right for you.

Plugs, multisockets and adapters: the best electrical solutions

Each electrical solution in the Brico&Decor catalogue is used to perform a specific task.
That's why, before buying a plug, a multi-socket outlet or one of the different models of adapters, it would be a good idea to know their characteristics.

If you are looking for a power plug, you will find three-pole, two-pole and "Schuko" versions in our catalogue.
Choose between the three-pole plug, a type of electrical socket consisting of three plugs and most common in Italy, or purchase a two-pole plug, consisting of two plugs, if you need to connect a double-insulated appliance. Also, check out the 'Schuko' plug, the safest type of plug when used with sockets of the same type.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a device capable of connecting or adapting electrical systems with different characteristics, discover the universal adapters, English adapters, French adapters or German adapters available in the Brico e Decor catalogue.

Finally, discover the versatility of our power strips, devices that can connect several electrical appliances at the same time.

Ask our experts for a personalised quote now to purchase a plug, multisocket or adapter selected from the best brands.

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