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The electric tools selected and sold by Brico&Decor are indispensable products for those who carry out repair or maintenance work in industry and the home.

Each electric tool in this category has been selected from the leading brands of tools and ironmongery items. The products in our online catalogue are different from the others because of their excellent performance and safety during use.
Browsing through our power tools shop you will find great offers on reliable and quality solutions such as drillsgrinding machines and many other items...

Contact us now to order the best solution for your needs and receive your new item from the power tools category at home.

Electric tools for the professional and the hobbyist

If you are looking for a versatile power tool that is suitable for drilling, screwing and unscrewing, the Brico e Decor range of electric drills is the one for you.
This electric tool, being the most popular among professionals, is available on the online market in various versions. That's why, to facilitate your search, our experts have created a special category that includes items from the leading brands of professional drills.
Check out the great deals on our selection of electric drills now and get a quote to complete your purchase.

Alternatively, to carry out sanding, polishing and cleaning work on various types of materials, the range of grinding machines is what you are looking for.
This category of electrical equipment is very popular in workshops and is available in the Brico&Decor online shop at the best prices.
Visit now our proposals for angle grinders and electric grinding machines in the category dedicated to electrical tools and discover the quality and reliability of these tools.

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