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At Brico e Decor we select and resell the products of the best brands of accessories and electrical components most widely used in domestic and industrial environments.

The catalogue of electrical accessories in the section dedicated to electricity includes a wide choice of the most popular and sought-after products such as switch plates and insertselectrical equipmentcables and extensionsplugs, multisockets, adapters, batteries at the best prices.
In addition, what the range of electrical accessories of Brico&Decor have in common is the high quality of the construction materials as well as the resistance and safety during the use of each component.

Discover now the advantageous offers on the most sought-after electrical products and choose the models that are right for you.

Electrical accessories and components: switch cover, extensions, multisockets and batteries

Choose from the different solutions for switch plates and electrical inserts available in our catalogue in various models, materials and sizes.
Order now the plate for switches and inserts that meet your needs or call our experts, who will help you during the choice of these electrical components.

The Brico e Decor catalogue offers you a wide variety of professional electrical equipment, chosen by our experts for their high quality and convenient prices.
Browse our catalogue and purchase the electrical accessory that best suits your home.

Thanks to the length of our cables and extensions, you can connect any appliance, tool or instrument that requires electricity wherever you want.
Discover now our selection of short extensions and long extensions, as well as various types of plugs, multisockets and adapters for connecting your electrical accessories.

To round off this category, Brico&Decor offers various models of batteries for household appliances and tools that do not require a mains connection.
Discover now the long life of our range of rechargeable batteries.

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