Paint strippers and solvents

Paint strippers and professional solvents | Brico&Decor

Solvents and paint strippers from Brico&Decor are part of the range of solutions used for paint stripping and paint thinning.

Like all the other products in the category dedicated to colouring and decorating, professional paint strippers and solvents have been selected by our qualified staff according to strict controls.
In the online catalogue you will find various solutions including both universal paint strippers, which can be used on all materials, and professional paint that can be applied depending on the type of surface to be treated (wood, iron and metal).

Find out which are the best products for stripping a surface or ask the Brico e Decor experts to help you find out which paint stripper or solvent is right for you.

Paint strippers and solvents: professional and universal solutions

The paint-stripping range from Brico&Decor products offers effective solutions suitable for the removal of any type of paint on small, medium and large surfaces.
Visiting our online catalogue you can choose between a liquid paint strippers if the application is required on a small or medium-sized surface or you can find gel paint remover solutions, which are used on very large surfaces and are not transportable.
Discover now the excellent quality/price ratio of Brico e Decor for the sale of the best professional paint remover.

To avoid the formation of lumps inside the paint, solvents are used which, acting on the solid substances, help to keep the paint fluid.
Our product selection includes the best water- and benzene-based solutions used by professionals.
Discover the most popular professional solvents such as turpentine, nitro thinners and synthetic thinners and get the results you want by buying the right paint solvent.

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