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The collaboration with the most important building companies in Italy has allowed Brico&Decor to have a wide range of construction at the best prices.

During the purchase of our products for the building sector, you will be supported by our trained experts, who will offer you a professional pre- and post-sales service with the aim of meeting your needs.
Within this category of products dedicated to the construction industry you can choose from the best brands of construction equipment and construction materials, different in type and characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio.

Choose the quality and innovation of the products of Brico e Decor and discover the advantageous offers on equipment and professional materials useful for construction companies.

The professional equipment and building materials used by the best construction companies

The wide variety of professional construction equipment in the industrial market has made it complicated to distinguish between quality and mediocre equipment. For this reason, our experts have selected the best performing work tools from the top brands to help the professional make the best choice.
When choosing the best work tools, our staff have also only considered options that guarantee total safety for anyone using these tools.
Discover the wide range of construction equipment and click on the chosen equipment to find out more about its features.

The different characteristics and variety of construction materials make each construction product useful for a specific purpose.
Brico e Decorofficial supplier of building materials, has included in its catalogue a wide range of construction materials ranging from classic materials such as bricks and wood to more innovative items such as biomaterials.
During the purchase process, our experts will help you choose the most suitable construction material for your needs.
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