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The range of free-standing by Brico&Decor is complete with solutions able to customise and make functional the furnishing of your bathroom.

The bathroom free-standing, which make up the section of our shop dedicated to bathroom furniture, are real aesthetic elements capable of making the bathroom area tidy and unique.
Simple and with an elegant design, the Brico e Decor bathroom free-standings are available both in a classic version, such as the models used to carry towels or hang towels, and in a multi-function version.

Choose the design and size of the bathroom free-standing and order the furniture solution that best suits your needs.

Modern and practical bathroom free-standing solutions

The Brico e Decor bathroom standing are selected from the best brands of bathroom accessories.
These bathroom accessories, besides being used to organise and make your bathroom practical, are an essential piece of furniture. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and materials, discover our range of towel rails, toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders to suit any style of bathroom.
Another feature that led our experts to include a range of floor-standing stands in our catalogue is their ease of installation. This property allows the Brico&Decor free-standing range to be placed on the bathroom floor, thus avoiding unpleasant mistakes when drilling holes in the wall.

Visit the online catalogue now to discover the vast assortment of bathroom free-standing. Choose from the most popular items such as towel rails, toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders, or from the more complete solutions such as magazine racks. Also, discover our great offers on this type of bathroom product and take advantage of our delivery service to receive your new bathroom free-standing at home.

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