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Brico e Decor selects and resells the best brands of water-based paints used for colouring and decorating the interior and exterior of a home.

The line of water-based paints differs from other normal paints because of its washable and breathable properties. These characteristics give the water-based paints the ability to maintain the walls of the house in excellent condition and provide long lasting protection for the walls.
In the section dedicated to water-based paints at Brico&Decor you will find different solutions for interior paints and outdoor paints available in various colours thanks to our tintometric service.

Discover now the advantageous offers for this product category and buy the type of water paint that best suits your needs.

Water-based paints for interior and outdoor areas of the house

The range of water-based paints for the interior walls of a house by Brico e Decor is composed of various solutions of breathable and washable paints.
The first solution allows you to protect your wall from the formation of mould and fungus. The application of breathable paints is recommended for use in bathrooms, kitchens and ceilings.
On the other hand, the second solution of washable paints is resistant to the rubbing of a cloth. In fact, it is recommended for all those places where the wall is more likely to get dirty.
Discover now the different shades of paints suitable for interior painting.

For exterior walls, our experts have thought about selecting different types of water-based paints that protect the walls from atmospheric and environmental factors. The range of water-based wall paints provides a protective shield against water penetration.
Choose the type of water-based paint for outdoor and take advantage of our tintometric service to get the colour you are looking for in just a few minutes.

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