Ideal sprinklers for your garden

Having become the starting point for any self-respecting garden, irrigation systems are meant to keep your home's lawn in excellent condition and health.

To have a garden that reflects the beauty of your home is essential to have a type of system that is efficient and functional.

In fact, to meet every need, on the market there are various types of sprinklers that have several distinct characteristics and that control the distribution of water according to the type of soil.

Best sprinklers for the garden: the rules to follow

  1. Evaluation of the size of the soil: before buying a garden sprinkler, it is necessary to consider the size of the soil to be irrigated since not all models are suitable for every type of lawn.
    In fact, each irrigation system is designed according to the size of the soil and the cost/benefit ratio.
  2. Evaluation of the soil composition: evaluating whether a soil is more or less permeable is fundamental to have an optimal irrigation for the lawn.
  3. Price: typically, watering systems such as in-ground swinging and static systems are inexpensive. In contrast, systems such as dynamic turbine models come at a higher cost. Lawn size, in addition to the model chosen, also affects installation costs.

Lawn size, in addition to the model chosen, also affects installation costs.

The ideal lawn sprinklers: the best models

Underground Static Sprinkler

  • Invisible when not in use, the underground static sprinkler system consists of a cylindrical plastic body with a piston that comes out when it needs to irrigate.
  • Most used and comfortable type
  • Excellent saving of water resources and homogeneous irrigation
  • Among the cheapest on the market
  • Suitable for not very large gardens
  • Includes umbrella or sprinkler model.

Underground dynamic sprinkler

  • Undergrounddynamicirrigationsystem moves thanks to a turbine rotation mechanism.
  • Excellent irrigation flow rate, suitable for large gardens
  • Versatile system with possibility to change heads and nozzles.
  • Constant maintenance required
  • High cost.

Above ground swing sprinkler

  • Visible irrigation system, has a high aesthetic impact on the lawn
  • More traditional and economical solution
  • Suitable for small gardens
  • Easy to use and quick to install
  • Possibility to adjust the arc of the leaf
  • Very high flow rate.

Drip irrigation system

  • A system that uses holes in the irrigation pipe to let the water flow out.
  • Used in agricultural plots
  • Possibility of installing augers.
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