How to paint the walls of the house

There's no better way to give your home a breath of fresh air than by paintingyourwalls a new color. Follow our tips to paintthehouse in an easy and fun way.

Painting the walls of the house: the 7 steps to follow

  1. Choosing colors and measurements

To avoid buying excess material, take measurements of the walls of the room you want to paint. Be sure to mark the height and width of the walls, the length and width of the floor and any inconspicuous corners and recesses.

As a color, we recommend white. This color is very easy to use if this is your first-time paintingwalls.

  1. Purchasing the material

As a second step to start paintingtheinterior and exterior of the house you will have to buy the material needed for each operation if you do not already have it.

The materials you will need to purchase will be:

  • Putty
  • Rolls of scotch paper
  • A brush with a round tip
  • A roller with an appropriate tray, grid and extension
  • A spatula for walls
  • a cellophane sheet and newspapers to protect the furniture of the house
  • latex gloves
  • The cans of paint for the walls
  1. Carve out some time

Paintingthehouse is a long job that requires many interruptions. To maximize your time and make sure you've done a great job, we recommend paintingthewalls one room at a time.

  1. Prepare the walls

To avoid soiling the room while paintingthewalls, move the house furniture to the center of the room and cover them with cellophane. Also, surround the jambs of the fixtures and power outlets with paper tape.

  1. Plaster the walls

Don't let nail holes or imperfections remain when paintingthewalls.

Use putty to cover the holes and restore the wall to its original state.

  1. Preparing and applying the paint

Preparing the paint is a very simple step, just dilute it with water according to the instructions on the package.

Instead, to plasterthewall, start by applying the paint in the corners, contours and places that require a brush, then move on to areas where a roller is required.

It is veryimportant to remember that there are two rules when applying paint:

  1. Do not fill the brush or roller with too much paint, just run it over the grid a couple of times to get rid of the excess;
  2. Spread the paint evenly
  1. The second coat

To finish painting the house, apply the second coat of paint. This way you can be sure that you have done a great job and that you have achieved a perfect result.

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