How to illuminate the garden

Take care of the details when designing your garden lighting to have an outdoor place where you can create spectacular settings.

Thanks to our ideas for lighting your garden, you will have an environment where the elegance and beauty of the design will attract everyone's attention. 

Garden lamps

If you are looking for a charming atmosphere in your garden, outdoor lights are for you!

  • Wall lamps: suitable for the perimeter walls of a small, enclosed garden, outdoor wall lamps are perfect for moderate, effective lighting.
  • Modern outdoor lighting: elegant contrast and marked lines, modern garden lamps give an artistic touch to a space where vegetation predominates.
  • Garden streetlamps: the classic nature of garden lamps is combined with technology thanks to motion sensors that allow you to reduce consumption and lighting costs.
  • LED garden lighting: ideal for spaces that require continuous lighting, LED lamps are ecological and practical.

Party Lighting

Make an outdoor party unique and unforgettable. Choose the right outdoor garden lighting to create a safe atmosphere in which to have fun.

  • Chain light: vintage effect and fairytale touch, these garden lights can be a decorative element to put on trees or on the supports of a gazebo.
  • Pendant lamp: add a warm and cozy touch to your garden. These lamps are decorative elements for lighting canopies, gazebo and walkways.
  • Garden spotlights: illuminate the walkway or give a scenic effect to the trees. Safety and scenography are the distinctive elements of this ground lighting for the garden.
  • Underwater lamps: are used to illuminate the inside of swimming pools, creating light games with water.

Lighting without electricity

Eliminate power lines and make your garden Eco, thanks to solar garden lighting.

  • Solar powered lamps: use daylight to illuminate at night. They eliminate wasted electricity and electricity costs.
  • LED garden lighting: Make your garden lighting automatic with motion detection systems for LED lamps. This way, you no longer must worry about turning on the light outside.
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