How to choose the ideal gas barbecue

Spending some time with your family or friends in front of a nice barbecue is the ideal way to spend the hot days of summer and spring.

What makes a barbecue special is to enjoy a good piece of meat, fish or vegetables cooked with an excellent gas barbecue. This tool helps to make the meat tastier and more flavorful thanks to the cooking method that uses a grill heated by fire.

Characteristics of a gas barbecue

Each gas grill has different construction and cooking characteristics from the others. For this reason, during the purchase process it is necessary to carefully evaluate the aspects listed to be sure of getting the best barbecue according to the quality/price ratio.

  • Thematerial: the first aspect to evaluate when purchasing a barbecue is the material. The structure can be made of stainless steel, iron or cast iron, while the grills can be made of stainless steel or are covered in ceramic.
    The brazier must be resistant to high temperatures, therefore, it can be made of porcelain steel, enameled steel or cast iron.
  • Sizeandburners: depending on the size and number of burners of the Gas embers, the cost will be lower or higher.
  • Power: this is measured in BTU and is the heat developed by the burners.
  • Accessories: the cost of gas barbecues may include the presence of some accessories. Extra cast iron plates, extra lava stone plates or gas pressure reducers are just some of the accessories

Professional gas barbecues: The types

On the market there are different types of gas barbecues that have different characteristics and cooking methods. Classics such as charcoal or wood barbecues or modern ones such as LPG or natural gas barbecues, these tools are easy to use and do not require special experience in cooking.

Gas barbecue with lava stone

  • Excellent compromise between gas barbecue and charcoal barbecue
  • The stove heats a stone slab that cooks the food
  • The food is tastier
  • It is necessary to heat the plate perfectly before placing the food on it
  • The griddle and barbecue are easy to clean.

LPG barbecue

  • Easy to clean and operate
  • High cost
  • Works with gas cylinders that need to be changed or refilled when emptied
  • Can be fixed or can be transported
  • Does not require special modifications.

Methane barbecue

  • Low cost
  • Connected to the domestic network
  • The gas cylinder never needs to be changed
  • It is fixed
  • It is possible that it needs to be adapted to natural gas through modifications.
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